D-Caf Alors, Est -Ce Que C'est La - So is it Here?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Falaki Theater, AUC Tahrir Square
Event Type
School of Continuing Education

Music and sound: Alexandre Meyer
Lighting designer: Philippe Gladieu
Concept, text and interpretation: Clémentine Baert 

Alors, est-ce que c’est là? (So, is it here?) is a theatre piece about the absence of a loved one and the abyss that opens within the person who is left behind. Performed as a monologue, Clémentine Baert follows the footsteps of a beloved man who has suddenly disappeared. He is an identity wandering between the real and the imaginary and exerts on her a same force of attraction and repulsion as stardust to a black hole, a celestial object so dense that the intensity of its gravitational field prevents any form of matter, vibration or radiation from escaping it. Is what we perceive true? And what do our illusions reveal?  

Clémentine Baert completed her studies at L’Ecole Régionale d’Acteurs de Cannes and performed under the direction of Pascal Rambert, Georges Lavaudant, Bernard Sobel, Christophe Fiat, and Oriza Hirata, among others. Baert could also be seen in Pascal Rambert’s Paradis (2004), which marked the debut of their long-term artistic collaboration. In 2006 she created ECHO, a contemporary rock opera based on Ovid’s story of Echo in The Metamorphoses and in 2015 she premiered her solo work Alors, est-ce que c’est là? at the Festival Artdanthé. Clémentine is not only famous for theater, but also on screen, she has worked in several movies with Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Emmanuel Mouret, Siegried Alnoy, Olivier Dahan, Philippe Lioret and Wim Wenders.

Ticket Price : Ticketed - LE. 40

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