2B continued Festival

Thursday, February 15, 2018
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Falaki Theater, AUC Tahrir Square
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School of Continuing Education

2B Continued, a festival organized by AUC alumnus and theatre graduate Ahmed el Attar '93, is one that supports young directors and choreographers with talent and vision. 

The Honeymoon by Samar 

An adapted one-act play based on 'A Writer on his Honeymoon,' a play by Ali Salem, the playwright behind the classic “Madraset el Moshaghebeen.” The performance explores the fears and anxieties of a writer combating his own inner conflicts, including generational struggles and youth policing, all while trying to maintain his new marriage. 

Not I
Directed by Moustafa Khalil

Not I, written by Samuel Beckett, is a harrowing monologue where on stage, only the woman’s mouth visible, while everything else is blacked out. She talks about four incidents in her life: lying face down in the grass, standing in a supermarket, sitting on a mound in Croker's Acre and "that time at court."

The Absentee
Performed by Ali Khamis

Is separation tangible? Is it a conscious feeling? Ali Khamis’ dance performance examines several experiences, informed by our feelings, that eventually lead to our absence. It explores the root of our fears and the ways in which we are separated from people, souls and home.   

Registration and tickets at the door before the show.

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