Deadline for add/change Fall 2017 12 & 6 week 1

Sunday, September 24, 2017
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School of Continuing Education


The add and change course schedule period is determined and announced by the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) office through AUC platforms. It begins on the first day of the SCE term and extends to cover two sessions of each possible schedule pattern within the term, followed by one working day for all SCE scheduled offerings. In scheduled programs, learners are permitted to add courses or change in course sections provided space is available.

Learners dropping courses as of the first day of the term, even if their course does not meet on the first day of the term, are not entitled to any refunds. Exceptional cases are handled as per the announced Refund policy (cf L6). No courses are allowed to be dropped or added as well as no changes are allowed to be made in course schedules during the period of study, after the end of the add and change course schedule period.

Learners, who stop attending a course without notifying the SEM office, receive a letter grade of “S” as a final grade for the course (cf G7) and tuition fees are not refunded or credited to their accounts.

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