Research and Creativity Convention 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018
All day event
AUC New Cairo
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Office of the Provost

 AUC Research and Creativity Convention is a collective event that brings together diverse research, design, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity activities that have demonstrated growth and success over the years. Its aim is to enhance knowledge-sharing, interdisciplinary research collaboration and projects of community or economic value. This is an event that highlights AUC’s strategic priorities, strengthens research capacity, invigorates campus creativity and explores critical regional and global issues. 

AUC faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate, showcase and share the outcomes of original research and creativity in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, business and the arts. They demonstrate the breadth and depth of the institution’s research mission. The AUC Research and Creativity Convention is a celebration of excellence in university research, entrepreneurship and creative achievement.

In addition to the fundamental components of the event (EURECA, ALA Symposium, CREATOPIA, FYRE and ELI Explorers, there are major highlights this year:

  • Keynote speeches:
- Sir Magdi Yacoub, Professor of Cardiothoracic surgery speech on "Creativity: An Illusive Target" on Saturday, April 21 from 03:00 - 04:00 pm in Moataz Al Alfi Hall.
- Dr. Khaled Habib, CEO Fit For Life, speech on "They made me Creative!" on Sunday, April 22 from 01:00 - 02:00 pm in Moataz Al Alfi Hall.
  • For the first time, RCC is introducing a session on Celebrating Failure that will host three successful academia figures from AUC: Dr. Alaa Adris, Dr. Amr Shaarawi, and Dr. Hoda Mostafa
  • An award grant for the best research infrastructure from five participating academic departments. 
  • A Design Thinking Teaser
  • A mobile app for the event that will be released in few hours.
The full schedule can be found here.


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